So many choices.
So little time.

Programmatically and randomly generated plates of Economy Rice NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Fans of chap fan

Chapfans is a Web3 homage to the humble “Economy Rice” a.k.a. chap fan, cai fan and chap cai png. This first collection features 388 unique plates inspired by back-alley street vendors and kopi tiam stalls in Malaysia and Singapore. Every plate represents the confluence of abundant choice and affordability. Are you a fan?

Chapfans NFT Combinations

Plate and background

Served in mismatched melamine plates stamped with Godma’s signature logo against a colourful backdrop.


Rice and gravy

A hearty scoop of white rice and choice of three types of gravy.



A wholesome combination of meat + vegetables + seafood, egg or tofu + a lil’ extra if Godma likes you.

Be a Fan. Buy a chap fan.

All Chapfans NFTs are listed and sold in the Marketplace. Price at mint start at 0.04 ETH.

Team Chapfans


Sleepy Simian is a self-taught comic artist and founder of Yawn of the Apes. He lives in Singapore with his wife and three children.

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